Shandong Derek New Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of rubber anti-scorcher CTP, rubber accelerator NS, rubber accelerator CBS, rubber accelerator M and other rubber chemicals.

(1) Rubber Anti-scorcher CTP
Anti-scorcher is one of the most important additives in additive processing. Anti-scorcher CTP, also known as PVI and scientific name N-cyclohexyl thio phthalimide, is recognized as the most excellent rubber anti-scorcher. Used for natural rubber and synthetic rubber, it can avoid the early stage curing during storage and processing and can significantly improve the stability of vulcanized rubber material storage and the high temperature rolling. Rubber anti-scorcher CTP is used in natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, polybutadiene rubber, isoprene rubber. In particular, as a special high-grade radial tyre supporting material, it has played a very important role in the development of the modern rubber industry.
(2) Rubber Accelerator NS
Rubber Accelerator NS (also known as the TBBS), chemical name N-tert-butyl -2-- benzothiazole sulfenamide, is one of the important species of sulfonamide vulcanization accelerators, featuring both scorch resistance and fast curing. For NS products do not produce toxic N-nitrosamines in the rubber vulcanization process, it is a specified eco-friendly rubber chemicals products to replace accelerator NOBS which are easy to produce carcinogens. The project conforms to the development direction of producing eco-friendly additive products domestically and internationally and industrial restructuring and national industrial technology development policy and the current optimized high-tech industrialization and the demands of sustainable development of China’s rubber chemicals industry, having important significance in enhancing the rubber chemicals product structure adjustment efforts, achieving cleaner production and increasing exports to develop export-oriented economy.
(3) Rubber Accelerator CBS
Rubber accelerator CBS is a commonly used rubber vulcanization accelerator, is mid-super speed sulfonamide, the chemical name N-cyclohexyl -2-- benzothiazole sulfenamide, is a highly active after-effect promotion agent. Featuring superior anti-scorcher performance, process safety, short curing time, various rubber adaptation, slight discoloration, no blooming, anti-aging vulcanized rubber, tensile strength, fine elongation capacity, it is mainly used for the manufacture of tyres, hoses, shoes, wires and other industrial rubber products; current rubber industry and vulcanization accelerator industry are plagued by carcinogenic nitrosamines. NOBS and other secondary amine structures will produce the cancerous nitrosamines in the vulcanization accelerator. On the contrary, CBS and other primary amine accelerator structured sub-sulfonamide vulcanization accelerators do not have cancer issues, so they have been attached great attention in the industry.
(4) Rubber Accelerator M
Rubber accelerator M, as the main rubber accelerator, is the earliest gent type developed since 1952. With excellent vulcanization accelerator performance, wider use and largest consumption, it is the mother of synthesis of other after-effect accelerator (such as thiazole accelerators, sub-sulfonamide accelerator). After further synthesis processing, it can produce DM, CZ, NS, DZ, NOBS and other accelerators.
(5) Shandong Yanggu Huatai Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a professional international trading company specialized in import and export of rubber chemicals and selling some famous brand rubber chemicals in the Chinese region by proxy. With its own specialized international trade personnel and central laboratory, it can conduct accurate indicator detection and performance experiment to all rubber chemicals, ensuring that all import and export products of the company are in high quality and good performance.


Our Main Products:

Rubber Anti-scorcher Series:
Crystalline powder CTP (PVI), oil flushing CTP (PVI), granulation CTP (PVI)
Rubber Accelerator Series:
Rubber Antioxidant Series:
TMQ (RD), IPPD (4010NA), 6PPD (4020)
Cobalt Salt Binder Series:
Cobalt decanoate, cobalt stearate, cobalt naphthenate, cobalt boroacylate
Silane Coupling Agent Series:
Si-69, Si-75, A-189, A-1100
Pre-dispersed Rubber Chemicals Rubber Masterbatch Series:
CTP-80, TBBS -80, MBT-80, MBTS-80, CBS-80, DPG-80, ZMBT-80
Other Products: 99.7% zinc oxide, carbon black


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